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What Planet Are You From? (a psychological observation)
What Women Want (a look at the desires of the female of the species)
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Books can be quite expensive, especially if it’s brand new. For most book lovers, the expensive price is reasonable with the quality and content of the book. They don’t care about the price as long as they enjoy reading it. However, there are people who love to read books but have a limited budget. Fortunately, some book lovers sell their used books, which are commonly known as prelove books. Most of these books are in really good condition, like brand new. Another way to buy books without spending too much is through holiday packages that bookstores offer to their customers. Most packages may include books of different or same genres, depending on the promo. You can buy the books that you want for cheaper prices.

I started reading at the tender age of four and I was hooked.  When I was eight, my parents bought me my very first real "adult book," one without pictures.  By the time I was time I was ten, my one, little, well-read paperback had blossomed into a library of over fifty books.  More...

The Difference
There must be about sixteen gadzillion online used bookstores out there.  Anyone with a book and an internet connection can start one.  Some of them are even pretty darned good.  So what makes different?  One word: Experience. More...

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